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Ponds Northwest are specialists in designing and installing stunning ponds that will create the focal point of your garden. Based in Bury but covering the whole of the north west, this local company excel in all they do.

Ponds Northwest are a local company that excel in the design and installation of ponds and many other water features, right through to swimming pools. They have a wealth of experience spanning many years, and a passion for what they do, making them the north west's first choice for any project.

Whether you would like a small wildlife pond to attract nature into your garden or your passion is for Koi carp, then Ponds Northwest have a solution to meet your every requirement, and every design is unique to you as the client. With such an experience and vast portfolio, Dave and the team from Ponds Northwest can deliver a stunning focal point to your outdoor space, no matter how large or small your garden.

Ponds and water features

No matter what your expectations for your new pond or water feature, the team at Ponds Northwest
will sit and discuss your every wish. All considerations will be taken into account to include size and usage, as well as whether your feature is to be purely aesthetic, to nurture and develop a hobby, or in the case of a swimming pool, for health and fitness.
From winding waterways to beautiful ornamental ponds to home your prized Koi, nothing is impossible with Ponds Northwest. 


Cleaning, advice and maintenance

As a company that designs and installs ponds, every effort is made to ensure that cleaning and maintenance is simple and effective. If however, time is not on your side, then the team can offer this as a service to you.

Services provided are comprehensive and include cleaning, water quality checks, UV changes, equipment changes and fish health. Planting, tidying, skimming and vacuuming are just a few additional services offered and available.


Landscape gardening

Whether your landscape is to enhance your water feature, include a new one, or simply to design a stunning new garden from scratch, Ponds Northwest can deliver a design that reflects you and your personality.
Designs can include new lawns, paving and decking, rockeries and stunning borders. Nothing is out of reach of your dreams and should you so wish, they can even include a stream through your garden if that's what you require.

Decking and fencing

Decking can add a new dimension to your garden, an area in which to relax and survey your garden. Raised or ground level, a wooden deck can look amazing. It can segregate an area of your garden from the lawns and borders in which to add your patio furniture, planters or additional features.
Ponds Northwest have specialised in decking and fencing for over 20 years, offering solutions to properties of all sizes.
Fencing adds security and privacy to your property. Available in a variety of designs, sizes and colours that compliment the look of your property, a well installed fencing system will add the finishing touch, no matter what the dimensions of your garden may be.


Ponds Northwest

If one of your next projects is to enhance the look of your garden through landscape design or impactful feature, Ponds Northwest not only have the expertise but a true passion for all that they do. The first choice for many, you too could be one of hundreds of happy clients that make a difference to their property this year.

For more information please call 07737 674417 or click the link above to visit the company website.

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