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Hilton House Medical is your local private GP and clinic service. They are always on hand to provide a wide range of services, including private GP appointments for patients in the North West of England. Other services include individual and occupational medicals, private consultations, sexual health, and a comprehensive list of examinations and blood tests at affordable prices from their Bury clinic.

At Hilton House Medical, everything they do is about striving to deliver the best possible care. They are the experts when it comes to providing fast access to the best level of care for you and your family. 


Genuine and Professional Care  

They are your local private GP and Health clinic based in the heart of Bury town centre. With Hilton House Medical, It’s more than just what they do, it’s who they are. They are a long standing and experienced team of fully qualified medical experts.

So you can rest assured that you're in safe hands because all Hilton House Medical professionals are registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and their private GP's are fully qualified and registered with the GMC.


At Hilton House Medical, their patients are at the heart of everything that they do and that's why they are on hand to help you and your family in your hour of need, they are contactable Monday to Saturday, offering appointments between the hours of 8am until 5pm! You even have the flexibility of booking either a face to face consultation with a GP or a telephone or video call consultation. 

What does Hilton House Medical offer? 

  • Confidential, Professional and Friendly GP Consultations
  • Fast-track results and reporting for pathology and radiology.
  • Prompt access to a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests (often same day) including blood tests, X-rays, MRI, CT scanning, ultrasounds, cardiac testing (ECG's) and cancer screening (colon, cervical and breast).
  • Allergy Screening
  • Immediate Private prescriptions
  • Private medicals for 
  • Sexual Health
  • A – Z Blood Testing
  • Hayfever injections
  • Wellman/women clinics
  • Fit To Fly Letters
  • Rapid Private referral Letters to specialist consultants
  • Sick notes
We're all aware that the NHS under a lot of pressure to deal with demand following the Covid 19 pandemic and this has caused a huge backlog for both hospital and GP clinic appointments.

A knock on effect of this means that patients are struggling to get any face to face appointments with their GP's or nurses for what are general tests, screening or just to talk over a concern with a specialist, some are reportedly waiting over 8 weeks for a routine appointment. Then even if you do manage to get in front of a GP, your time spent with them is short due to increasing demands from the NHS to see patients quickly. 

They are here for you every step of the way

Hilton House Medical are here to offer professional, confidential and affordable appointments for patients. They are here to help with a one off problem or any ongoing care and diagnosis you or your family may need. 

Their appointment times even allow you to have as much time as you need to discuss such things as blood tests, scans and arrangements to see specialists. 

Private medical care from Hilton House Medical offers you urgent appointments and care when your GP can not, it is not a replacement service but more of an added value service to run alongside your registered GP service. 

Book your appointment today

If you would like to speak to a member of the team or book an appointment please give them a call today on 0161 549 0669 or book through their website using the links at the top of this page!

Hilton House Medical 
Hilton House
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