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Genius Products Ltd, specialise in the manufacture and sale of UK made hands free sanitising stations and PPE for use in a range of commercial locations.

Protect your customers, protect your staff and protect your business! 

That's the motto of Genius Products Limited and with their range of UK made products, they guarantee a total solution for your business and it's COVID-19 safety measures. 

The Genius Hands Free Foot Operated Hand Sanitiser

The Genius Hands Free Foot Operated Hand Sanitiser is the company's flagship product and it offers complete protection for your staff and customers alike whilst minimising risk and hand contamination.

Operated with a foot pedal and manufactured with anti bacterial, medical grade paint, the Genius Hand Sanitiser comes fully assembled and ready to use and includes a one litre sanitiser refill pack.

This easy to use and install system can be fixed to the floor, to avoid damage or theft or alternatively, can be free standing so you are able to move it to high traffic areas when necessary. Slimline and discreet, it can be placed in front of or around your premises without compromising the look and feel of your business. 


The Genius hand Sanitiser has an anti-theft locking mechanism allowing it to be installed outside and with one key that fits all so there is no confusion when installing multiple stations. A perfect solution for pubs. restaurants, airports, railway and bus stations, not to mention shops and on the high street in general. 

Housing a 1 litre pack of sanitising gel, the number of refills required are reducing, meaning that hands on contact with the unit is kept to a minimum. 


COVID-19 Face Masks

If your staff are in a customer facing role, then face masks and visors are an absolute must. 

They not only protect your staff but your customers too. 

Genius Products have a range of masks and visors available which conform to the UK safety guidelines and are suitable for every day use. 


To find out more about Genius Products Ltd or to enquire about their installation service, call 0800 772 0949 or click the links at the top of this page.

Genius Products Ltd

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