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DTE IT Support, Bury, offers the outsourced support and maintenance of a dedicated IT department, providing efficient services for businesses which include hosted solutions, repairs, office relocation and accounting software. All of these are carried out to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum!



DTE IT Support specialise in providing effective and efficient IT services for local businesses on either a contractual or ad-hoc basis. This support ensures that businesses’ can work to their full potential – maximising productivity of their business and the headache that IT issues can cause.

This friendly and professional team provide a variety of services which include: PC support and installations, network infrastructure, office 365, UK hosted email, cloud solutions, UK online backups and many more. All of these services are implemented and maintained by the experienced IT professionals at DTE IT Support, all of whom are up-to-date with the latest technologies and have experience of dealing with all aspects of IT issues.

PC Support & Installations

DTE IT Support will spend time listening and recommending the right systems for you. They can supply new hardware/software solutions as well as maintaining your current equipment. With the teams various support contracts you can have peace of mind knowing that technical support is never too far away, ensuring a reliable and cost effective solution.


Cloud Solutions 

A wide variety of hosted solutions including Office 365, hosted exchange, online backups and fully hosted servers will help grow your business with the power of the cloud. If you need a full explanation of the different services or which one will work best for your business, this knowledgeable team will help you with this decision.

Office 365 

If you are a small to medium size business Office 365 will deliver the best value through cloud subscription services. Office 365 will bring your workforce together allowing remote working, sharing emails, shared calendars, online meetings which are accessible from any device that's supported to a internet connection.

UK Hosted Email

If your business is struggling with GB (Gigabit) storage, DTE IT Support offer a Hosted Exchange Mailboxes allowing a massive 125GB storage space which can be shared across all devices. Hosted Exchanged Mailboxes also include data privacy settings giving you extra peace of mind that you are following data privacy regulations.

UK Online Backups 

DTE IT Support offer hosted backup solutions keeping your data safe with UK cloud back up services. The hosted backup solution offer a fully compliant end to end solution for your backup issues. The online package will be your solution to store all our business users data irrespective of your location.

Security and Anti Virus

Anti-Virus software and Firewalls packages which DTE IT Support recommend, your business will no longer need to worry regarding disruptions that occur through viruses.



DTE IT Support now offer a whole range of IT related hardware and can offer these to their clients at a fraction of standard costs, passing on their savings to their clients. Products available range from desktops (including HP), laptops (including Dell and HP), small ink-jet to laser printers, scanners and other hardware based products. DTE IT Support can also provide software.

Ad-hoc services 

It's misunderstood that DTE IT Support can only support their existing clients. In actual fact they offer ad-hoc services to all businesses and in many cases and once assessed will be able to resolve your issues remotely. Prices start from just £50.

Other Services 

Review of your current IT infrastructure: To ensure you're getting the most out of your solution.

  • General health check: These can increase efficiency and access.
  • Telecom installation and repair
  • Printers/scanners/multi-function printer set-up
  • Internet: Firewall, routers and switches

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