Aaron Calvert: Mind Reader, Hypnotist, and Showman
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Aaron Calvert is a highly skilled entertainer with a wide range of talents, bringing innovation and versatility to the stage.

Trained initially as a doctor, Aaron chose to embark on an extraordinary journey, melding his medical expertise with mind-reading abilities and hypnotic techniques that leave audiences spellbound and gasping for more.

From his appearance on the Channel 4 TV special "Hello Stranger" to commanding sell-out crowds at prestigious theatres across the UK, the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Aaron's enthralling project #FirstTimeFliers with Thomas Cook Airlines which takes hypnosis to unparalleled heights, Aaron Calvert's talents and captivating performances have left audiences mesmerised.


Now, extending beyond the stage, Aaron offers a range of captivating services, showcasing his unique blend of mind-reading abilities, hypnotic techniques, and a practical approach to therapeutic change through hypnotherapy.


Prepare to be taken on a fast-paced, interactive, and hypnotic journey unlike anything you've experienced before. Aaron Calvert shatters the conventional image of a stage hypnotist, wowing audiences with jaw-dropping feats that showcase the astounding capacities of the human mind. His dynamic performances promise an unforgettable experience that will stay etched in your memory.



Experience captivating mind-reading performances up close and personal. Mingling at a drinks reception or seated at tables, Aaron effortlessly establishes a profound connection, leaving guests amazed and wonderstruck.


The after dinner speaker that will put your guests to sleep… not like that. If you're seeking a fresh and invigorating touch for your next company event, dinner, or conference, Aaron's critically acclaimed showmanship and quick-witted humour are the perfect recipe for a memorable affair.

Aaron delivers high-impact and interactive presentations that energise and engage delegates. Drawing from his diverse background as a doctor and hypnotherapist, coupled with extensive TV, theatre, and corporate experience, he seamlessly weaves brand messages while imparting transferable and relevant skills based on psychology and suggestion.


Far from the typical wedding magician, Aaron's charismatic and quirky presence adds a refreshing touch to your special day.  With meticulous attention to detail, he collaborates with you to craft a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience that will have your guests talking about your wedding for years to come.


Aaron Calvert ventures beyond the stage, blending his medical background with modern clinical approaches to offer practical hypnotherapy for therapeutic change. Qualified from the esteemed University of Nottingham in 2015 (BMBS BMedSci) with expertise in CBT, Psychiatry, and Clinical Hypnotherapy, Aaron has achieved remarkable results in both clinical settings and on TV, including the Channel 4 show "Hello Stranger."

With a belief in the mind's power for positive transformation, he provides personalised 1-2-1 hypnotherapy sessions in the North West region and remotely via Zoom.


Aaron Calvert’s captivating performances leave audiences in awe, sparking inspiration and a desire to explore their own untapped potential. Experience the extraordinary as you venture into the realm of Aaron Calvert, where his unique blend of mind-reading, hypnotic techniques, and showmanship promise an unforgettable journey of wonder and astonishment.

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