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Speakeasy members offers different types of help for people to practice their communication and learn new skills. Help is given to increase confidence and use communication in the best way possible.

Mission Statement - To make a positive difference to the lives of people with asphasia and their carers.  

A new year and looking forward to our projects which support people affected by Aphasia. We remain positive even in the light of funding challenges. Can anyone help? Do you have any ideas or time for fundraising for a local charity?

Look forward to hearing from you. 

Speakeasy is a charity in Ramsbottom, Bury helping people who have asphasia and their carers with support and information.

Asphasia can take many different forms. For some people it is like having something on the tip of their tongue all the time, others have no words to communicate. Some people find it hard to understand the speech of others. It can be difficult to read, write or use numbers.


What is asphasia?


Asphasia is a communication difficulty. It can happen after a stroke, a head injury or other type of damage to the parts of the brain involved with language. People who have asphasia may find it difficult to use and understand speech. to read and write. Sometimes using gesture and numbers can also be difficult. Intelligence remains the same.


Asphasia is different for each person. Some people have severe difficulties and can feel locked inside their head unable to make sense of what other people are saying to them and unable to express simple messages. Some have problems with spelling, reading single words or long sentences. Many people with asphasia have problems in finding the word that they want to say. Asphasia can make it difficult to join in social conversations, to read newspapers or letters. Watching television or using the phone can be hard. Writing a note to the milkman or asking for a newspaper in a shop can be impossible for some people.


How does asphasia feel?


"Other people putting in words for you...can make you cross"
"To put ideas...thought...feelings in speech is so hard...frustrating"
"My mind is full of ideas. Words don't come out right. Or quick enough...the same for writing"
"Peoples names go from my head, names are hard..."


What happens at Speakeasy?


People who have asphasia and their families are given long term therapeutic help and support by speech and language therapists, other staff and volunteers.

Speakeasy members offers different types of help for people to practice their communication and learn new skills. Help is given to increase confidence and use communication in the best way possible. Computers help people in some of our work


About Speakeasy


Bury NHS Primary Care Trust provides some funding to Speakeasy. The rest of our money comes from fund raising by workers, volunteers and the local community.


Most people who get help from Speakeasy live in Bury. Help can be given to other people in the North West if they can travel to Speakeasy. It is not necessary to be referred to Speakeasy by a doctor or therapist.


NEW! Speakeasy offers communication training to employers, customer facing staff and other organisations/ groups.


Contact Gill Pearl for details on


01706 825 802



Speakeasy is always looking for people who may want to become volunteers.


Help is often needed in the following areas


- Support for group work
- Working with members on computers
- Fund raising projects
- Administrative help in the Speakeasy office
- Giving a donation or organising a fund raising event
- Using if you buy goods on the internet.



1 Market Chambers,
Market Place,

Tel: 01706 825 802

To email Speakeasy or to visit the website please use the links on the right 



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Registered Charity Number 516092 


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