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Born in the baby boomer years, John Urquhart was educated in London and Scotland including a year as a schoolmaster before studying Medicine at St Thomas' Hospital. This took him back to London and Surrey and then a year as a flight doctor with an air ambulance company. A short and largely undistinguished career in the Army followed, including service in the Arabian peninsula during Gulf War 1.

After discovering a preference for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care John became a Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (FRCA). During this time, and having been exposed to some truly awful lectures, he developed an interest in teaching which developed into the writing of books, initially for candidates for the examinations for FRCA. The Anaesthesia Viva: Volume 1 was the very first publication of the new publishing house, Greenwich Medical Media (GMM).They were ahead of their time in 1993, including companion CD-ROMs with their bound books. At the same time Oxford University Press published John's Anaesthetic Aide-Memoire, a different type of book which was later acquired by Greenwich. Other books followed, most notably Textbook of Obstetric Anaesthesia which became the standard textbook on the subject in Great Britain and Ireland.

After 15 years as a consultant, John retired from the NHS in 2012 and now deploys his skills in copyediting and copy writing, finding his familiarity with the scientific, medical and military vocabulary of great benefit. Described only half-jokingly by a social worker as a high-performing Asperger's, he has a meticulous, bordering on obsessional, attention to detail.

An astonishingly good househusband, his spare time is devoted to food, cricket, rugby and railways. John has two grown-up children; a daughter at university and a son who works in healthcare regulation. He now lives in Bury St Edmunds with his wife, April, and his black cat, Salem.

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