Who remembers the Haynes manuals? Zebra IT near Bromley does!
26th June 2014
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Zebra IT near Bromley tells us why DIY isn't always the best approach for your IT...

You may fondly recall the "olden days" when the Haynes DIY manuals for maintaing your car - it was pretty much a bible to anyone who was willing to tinker with their motor. What was part and parcel of the experience was getting under the car bonnet with the trusty screwdriver and socket set... can you imagine having a go Trying to attempt the same on a modern car would usually not end very well, similarly armed, on a contemporary car...? I'm not so sure that would be the wisest decision!

This all comes down to the same key point, regardless of your field of business. Tackling something that isn't your key strength can have disastrous consequences. 

It can be said that truly successful business people and their ability call in on the help of others when required is one of their key strengths. Recognising when to call in the help of an expert, thus avoiding wasting both time and money, is a great skill and one not to be underestimated.

When your PC plays up, you may be tempted to think you can have a go yourself and resolving the problem. But taking tons of time to pore over a broken PC or software that's playing up, eats into a small business owners' time - and therefore, your pocket.

But then comes the issue of who to turn to The problem is where do you go for help that will give you the most cost effective solution that best suits the needs of your business?

Zebra IT are specialists that many small businesses in Bromley have as their first port of call.

Let's explore further....

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