10 Ideas for Decorating a Summerhouse,
7th July 2017
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Making the Summerhouse more attractive is easy with the right professional advice and technical skill, we offer some ideas that may help:

A Beach Hut with colouring to suit, deck chairs and some sea-side trimmings for good measure.

A Woodland retreat, some hanging baskets containing woodland plants, a small silver birch sapling to add authenticity. The Décor could be bare timber with trailing plants to add colour.

Vintage chic, plain painted walls inside and out with some chintzy curtains for colour, retro garden furniture, and comfy armchairs for sitting and watching the world go by or doing the crossword.


Something Blue, Create a relaxing quite space using varying shades of blue to give an air of tranquillity. On the exterior, opt for a light blue colour wash, then balance this by painting the trims of the door in white or cream. Just the job for a hot afternoon and cool shelter from the heat.

Building a new summerhouse? Why not try something new?

A Zen Den, something cutting edge and ultra-modern. Design a modern structure that is light and airy, furnish it with chairs and drapes to match the style, whether this is an escape space or a workspace it can reflect your personal 21st Century style.


A bespoke Summerhouse. The shape can fit the available space, small enough to fit a bijou-sized garden or large enough to grace a larger spread, either way, the summerhouse can embrace your needs.

Swiss chalet style with a veranda and split log frontage and lots of flower tubs and window boxes full of flowering plants, a space in which to while away the hours dreaming of holidays to come.

Home office, many of us work from home, designing a summerhouse home office combined makes perfect sense. Design your structure accordingly, with desk if required.

Teenagers den, or children's playroom, using the summerhouse in this way is great for children to play in safety. Decorating it with bright colours and using smaller chairs and furnishings – or appropriate furnishings for older youngsters is cool.

Telly free zone, try turning the summerhouse into a relaxing television free comfortable living space using restful colours, comfortable chairs and a rug on the floor to create a peaceful alternative relaxation space where one could get away from the pressures of life.



Decorating or constructing a Summerhouse is a skilled business that is a speciality of Bill Kenny Decorators and Builders, folks looking to change the look and style of their existing summerhouse, or build a new one, should give Bill a call and seek his advice.


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