When it comes to IT, should you go DIY or get a professional, asks Zebra IT?
23rd June 2015
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Asking for help when it's needed is a key strengths of a successful business person.

Let's face it - you're in the business you set up, it's what you're good at. Struggling to solve an issue yourself that isn't within your core business can not only be wholly ineffective, but more importantly, a huge waste of time and money.

This coudn't be more true of IT issues. Unless you're an IT professional like Zebra IT, spending hours sorting out issues with inadequate software or your server network really isn't an efficient use of many small business owners' time.

So we know what you shouldn't do... but the big question is: where do you seek help that not only provides you with the answer to the needs of your business, but is also cost effective and?

Let's explore further....

In nearly all cases, by engaging with an IT consultancy supplier you can save money for your business, even though there will be some cost up front.

Costs of IT consultants can range from £150 - £1500+ per day - but we wouldn't expect many that all businesses would need to spend £1500+ per day on a consultant!

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