Office 365 - Zebra IT explain why it's a great idea to get stuck in.
7th December 2016
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In most cases, businesses would struggle to operate without the Microsoft, it's embedded in so many functions - whether it be writing documents, compiling spreadsheets or presentations. 

Zebra IT in Bromley an provide all the support you need to operate Microsoft Office for your business, and they particularly recommend Office 365. The difference between 365 and the traditional Microsoft Office platform is that 365 is a subscription service that includes ongoing support and increased storage, as opposed to a one-time payment. 

There are some fantastic benefits to be gained for a business as a result of migrating to Office 365:

  • All mailboxes operate with up to 50GB available storage
  • You'll discover enhanced functionality such as disclaimers on the footer of all outbound emails, criteria based autoresponders and also shared Outlook Calendars & Mailboxes
  • You'll find you can access your information from multiple devices: smartphones, laptops, computers and tablets
  • The Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus filtering of inbound and outbound emails has been very much improved with another layer of protection
  • You'll also receive a Microsoft 99.9% Uptime guarantee

If you're stuck in the old technology and are worried that the transition will be too much to bear, then don't! Zebra IT are a trusted Microsoft Cloud partner and will ensure you get a smooth transition of service. They'll provide configuration and email migration services from all the main messaging platforms to Office 365.

Zebra IT can recommend, implement and manage the best Office 365 solutions for your business.

They really are the IT partner of choice.

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