Now is the time to book in your annual boiler service.
16th August 2017
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This may seem like a strange suggestion, given that we're in the height of summer and enjoying pretty much tropical temperatures - but have you thought about your boiler recently?!

While we're basking in warm temperatures it's easy to forget the certainty that the weather will change, but that's one thing we can be sure of: Winter will come!
And once it does, that need to turn the heating back on comes with it!
The last thing you need is to find that you're in the middle of a cold snap and your boiler doesn't work. It'd be typical that this would occur when heating engineers are at their busiest and can't get to you for a few days.
This is the reason why ProTherm Heating & Plumbing in Bromley recommend that you make your boiler service appointment sooner rather than later. Your boiler should be serviced annually, not just to ensure that it's working to its maximum efficiency, which will not only prevent those chilly nights without heating but will ensure you don't have last minute repairs that cost the earth. It's a real false economy to wait until something goes wrong as in many cases, if an issue is picked up before it gets too serious, it will be much less costly to resolve.
It's also much better for the environment too as a boiler running efficiently really can reduce your carbon footprint.
Don't forget too that if your boiler is relatively new, it may still be under warranty and part of that warranty will be a requirement to have to serviced every year. Just because it's still quite new doesn't mean it shouldn't be looked after, and you could risk invalidating the warranty if you don't. 
What should you expect from a boiler service from ProTherm? Quite simply, your boiler will get a thorough going over!
  • it will be checked for any corrosion or leaks
  • your gas pressure will be checked and adjusted
  • Protherm engineers will use their mobile iPads to access the very latest fault diagnostics programs
  • the flue will be tested to ensure it’s not emitting any unsafe fumes. 
There have been headlines over the last few years about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is a scentless and colourless gas, and faulty boilers are the primary cause. In fact, Government figures suggest that around 4,000 people visit A&E due to carbon monoxide poisoning, so the dangers are very real. It really isn't worth leaving the safety of your family to chance and risking a faulty boiler causing them harm. 
Make sure you have your boiler serviced by your Gas Safe regsitered ProTherm Engineer every year.
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