New Year's resolutions - how are they going?
17th January 2017
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We're 2 weeks into January.... we've just survived Blue Monday which is apparently the most depressing day of the year - how are you sticking to those resolutions you made this year?

Did you make those bog standard promises to yourself this year: "I promise to lose weight", "I'm going to give up smoking", and "I'll do more exercise". Or did you take it one step further and make a commitment to make a proper difference, not just to your own life but others too.

Sadly most of us aren't related to Lord Von-Money-Bags, so in order to stick to those resolutions and make sure they're long lasting, they need to be realistic in terms of costs and goals. 

How can you achieve it?

It's a good idea to come up with a plan that ultimately means you're investing in yourself and looking after yourself. Of course things like giving up smoking are very valid and important to achieve long term.

But as well as your physical wellbeing it's also about your emotional wellbeing and most of us don't make enough time in our lives to invest in that.

We're very fortunate at thebestof Bromley to have some wonderful members that make looking after yourself much easier. I thought I'd share with you what I'm making a commitment to take up this year - feel free to swipe and deploy!

  • Feeling good about yourself is a real lift to your mood and wellbeing. I've made a promise to visit my hairdresser every 6 weeks (instead of every 6 months as has been my dreadful habit!) to help myself feel like I'm looking at my best. It's hard to choose between Metal Heads, A Cut Above and Mulberry - they're all fantastic!
  • I'm going to make more "me" time. Getting that personal touch from Back in Shape Clinic for a massage is one of life's pleasures!
  • If the weight loss thing is playing on your mind then you really can do something about it. You can give Cambridge Weight Plan a try, it comes thoroughly recommended.
  • It's tiime to get physical - take up more exercise. Bodyfit Training Solutions is the perfect one on one personal training - or join Nuffield Health for a gym, class or swim membership.
  • You could even make a difference to someone else every week. Recently I was bowled over by a gift of a weekly flower delivery, which is a wonderful treat. Elliza Wade Florists never disappoints with the quality of bouquets.
You can make a lasting difference to your life. Just take that first step!
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