New Hair Colour for This Summer? A Cut Above are here to help.
7th July 2017
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A Cut Above hairdressers in Beckenham High Street are the number one place to go for all hairdressing services and ORGANIC hair colouring! The Salon is owned and operated by Sinaid McGarvey, her hairdressing salon team in Beckenham near Bromley believes in providing her customers of all ages with cutting-edge new styles and colours without the fear of an adverse reaction. It's all about giving everyone a quality experience, whilst not causing lasting damage to their hair.


A Cut Above’s organic hair colouring and perms are causing a stir in recent times because historically too much colouring or perming have, inevitably, caused damage to people's hair. A Cut Above only use safe products that do not have an adverse effect. Their Organic range is very popular because the products alleviate the concerns of people about lasting damage caused by old fashioned products and techniques. The Organic range is very popular with customers who suffer from allergies and those recovering hospital patients who would otherwise be restricted in the products that they can use.

Thanks to the A Cut Above Organic range of products everyone can enjoy cutting edge new styles and colours without worrying.

The A Cut Above team of stylists are well experienced and highly trained and passionate about hair, they are constantly upgrading their skills so that they can provide the level of service and hairdressing quality that the customers have grown to expect, whilst keeping up to date with cutting edge trends and fashions.


So, planning a new Hair Colour for the Summer is easy, call and book an appointment and discuss with Sinaid and team the colour and style that you fancy. They will offer advice and make recommendations based upon their knowledge taking into account your hair condition and what may or may not suit each person.


Special occasions require special hair, A Cut Above offers a range of services including Perms, Re-styles, Ladies and Gentlemen's Fashions, and a great deal more. Speak with Sinaid and staff to arrange exactly what you would like and if there is a specific occasion, a wedding for example, please book early to avoid disappointment.

A Cut Above Hairdressing Salon, Bromley has a top class reputation for exceptional service and fine hairdressing, their customers have said so in great Five Star reviews, and they should know.


A Cut Above Hairdressing Salon, Bromley, is very highly recommended by The Best of UK, bringing the most trusted local businesses and the community together.

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