National Toothache Day
8th February 2016
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National toothache day is a day when teeth are observed annually, toothache is a pain generating from a tooth or multiple teeth. Toothache is not fun at all and can make us miserable! It can make it difficult to eat, sleep and sometimes even talk.

It is definitely safe to say toothache is not pleasant and not really something to celebrate! This day is more about making us aware on how to prevent toothache.

Looking after your teeth is the first step to avoiding toothache. Brushing your teeth regularly and flossing, Avoiding sugary and acidic drinks where possible. Even though we do all these things we can still develop cavities, have accidents that can break or chip a tooth or find ourselves with infections. Some can also be sensitive to heat or cold.

Some toothaches may be treatable in the short term by over the counter treatments but visiting  a dentist may still be required to resolve the issue. Some can be severe and require emergency intervention.

Regular trips to the dentist are also advised to keep your teeth in the best condition to keep you smile the best it can be!

If you haven't been to the dentist for a while why not make an appointment at All Smiles Dental Care in Bromley, they are local, professional and will put you at ease. Call 0208 460 1065 to put that smile back on your face.


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