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26th September 2016
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Even the smallest, niggly things that need to be done around the home can escalate to much bigger - and more expensive - problems if they're not dealt with.

Vital Property Maintenance in Bromley have shared with us the most common issues they're faced with when they're called in to people's homes.

Topping their list is gutters. It all sounds very boring but actually gutters that aren't working properly can cause damage to your home. It means rainwater can't flow away from the house, water can back up into your fascia and then get behind your siding.

Vital recommend that you have your gutters cleaned out annually, and this is especially important if you have any large trees around the home. A good time to do this is when all leaves have fallen during Autumn and early Winter, so you know you're not going to be inundated with any more falling leaves.

Related to this is the health of your roof. It's a really good idea to check if the roof is in good working order - particularly if you have a flat roof which can be notorious for problems with leaks. Autumn is a great time to do this - you can check if you need to replace any missing tiles, patch leaks or any other elements that might be missing.

You should also check the condition of your bricks, mortar and rendering too, as cracks can mean that water seeps in and causes damage.

Your windows and doors should also all be working well, to avoid any unwanted draughts. By the same token, you should also check if there is enough ventilation coming into your property to avoid issues with damp during the Winter months.

And of course let's not forget your central heating! Before the cold weather sets in, it's always a good idea to book the annual service for your boiler to make sure it's working well. This is vital - not just for the peace of mind that it's all working safely, but that it's operating most efficiently, which also means it's saving you money.

Leaving all of these areas to continue to degrade can mean that you end up facing huge bills to put much bigger problems right. Dealing with them early on stops them becoming more of an issue.

If you'd like Vital Property Maintenance to cast their experienced eye over your property then give them a call on 01689 858 100 and book them in. They can undertake all of these areas - and more! That way you'll know your home is good to go and all set for Winter!

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