Losing weight with support from Cambridge Weight Plan.
14th June 2017
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Here we are again.

The sun is out and we're starting to think ahead to that bikini body... and so many of us feel we'd like to lose an extra few pounds before we even consider it!

If you're like me and you feel like you could do with a proper kick start to a weight loss programme then it's time to take note: Cambridge Weight Plan in Bromley could be for you.

It's a flexible system that allows you to approach your weight loss in a way in which you feel will work best for you. You can choose from their total meal replacement options, or run some meal replacements alongside normal meals. It really is up to you to choose the method you are most likely to stick with.

When you meet with your Consultant for the first time, they will run through the Cambridge Weight Plan Steps programme including the four stages of each weight loss programme; preparation, weight loss, stabilisation and long-term weight management.

Once your personal circumstances have been discussed, your Consultant will recommend an appropriate Step for you to start on.

You'll then have a number of delicious products to choose from including savoury rice or pasta, soups and shakes and even tasty treat bars that should help deal with your sweet tooth! Meals are nutritionally balanced to ensure you maintain your health throughout.

And it's affordable too - at around £2.30 per meal it's a weight loss system that won't break the bank.

All that, plus proper one to one support from your local Consultant. They will be on hand to ensure you maintain focus, you're accountable to someone and you'll be guided along the way to stay on track.

Make the investment in you today. Contact your local Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant today.

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