Langford Russell starts the new year with a new charity.
25th January 2017
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Langford Russell have always been active supporters of charity. Just in the last year we've heard about their support of the Cray Wanderers Community Scheme, which was established in 2009 to provide education and mentoring for young people through sport.

We also loved their contribution to the Mannequin challenge which helped raised funds for Children in Need.

So we're not surprised to hear that they're getting behind another great charity this year - First on the First.

First on the First quite simply wants to promote you PUTTING YOURSELF FIRST ON THE FIRST day of every month by checking for change.

It all about being aware of your body and noticing any changes early on - as they say, the early bird catches the worm - and it's no different for catching the signs of cancer.

Breast, Testicular and Skin Cancer usually give you some warning if you pay attention. So First on the First have come up with a six month plan whereby you check yourself over on t the first day of the month, building up a habit by doing it regularly. That way you're much more likely to notice any issues before they become too advanced. 

Langford Russell are now supporting the charity and urge you to make sure you #FirstOnTheFirst.


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