It's raining... it's pouring... don't let it damage your home.
7th January 2014
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I can't think of the last time we saw blue sky. It seems to have been constantly raining for weeks. And while this does nothing for people's moods, only adding to the January blues, it does nothing for your property either.

Even if your home seems to have weathered the diabolical conditions we've been suffering unscathed, it's a really good idea to just give it the once over to look out for any possible damage.

Here are some key issues raised by Vital Property Maintenance that you should look out for:

  • Blocked drains and gutters - with the autumn leaf drop and the recent strong winds, it's quite possible that your drains and gutters could now be filled with leaves or other debris. If you do find they are blocked you need to get them cleared as quickly as possible so that the rainwater can easily run off the roof. It simply isn't worth leaving - the end result is leaks or damp patches in your home if the water has nowhere to go. Not only that but the weight of sediment and leaf build up can damage your guttering.
  • Loose tiles - the weather has been so severe that damage to the roof could easily have occurred. You may find cracked or broken tiles on your roof and these need to be fixed immediately as they pose a real danger. High winds could blow them off, risking damage to your own property or someone else's.
  • Cut back any loose branches - if you notice any loose or low-hanging tree branches you should cut them back now. They could cause damage in high winds.
  • Secure your garden - you really should take the time to check and make sure nothing has been dislodged or loosened in your garden that could then blow around and cause further damage.

We aren't out of the woods yet with this bad weather so all of these tips should help minimise any further damage.

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