It's all top secret with @hiddenticketsuk at The Churchill Bromley!
7th July 2014
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A new Twitter account, @hiddenticketsuk will trial its first event in Bromley this Thursday, 10th July.

There's been a new craze of hidden goodies in locations in the US and more recently in the UK too, including cash and now it seems Theatre Tickets! The idea being that the items are hidden in a secret location, and on the day of the event, clues will be given as to where people can find them. The finders then have to tweet a picture of themselves with the prize they have found.

The @hiddenticketsuk account appeared on Twitter on Sunday, and is very quickly attracting followers ready for their first event which will be held in Bromley on Thursday. They have only released one tweet so far:

@hiddenticketsuk: “Our first @hiddenticketsuk event will be on THU 10 JUL in #Bromley we will give you more information soon!”

As yet there is no information regarding the actual prizes, how many there will be or where they are for, but it is assumed that they will be for Churchill Theatre Bromley.

A spokesperson for the theatre, today said: "We are very excited that @hiddenticketsuk are trialling their first event in Bromley. Its all very secretive, but we can confirm that they have contacted us on Twitter about Thursday's event and how we can support it, we will tweet more information about the event as we get it. All we currently know is that they will be tweeting a location clue at 11am on Thursday morning"

Follow @hiddenticketsuk and @The_Churchill to keep up to date with the event details!

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