It's a family affair at Metro Bank!
13th April 2016
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Banking is something we all end up doing as we reach adulthood - and the folks at Metro Bank in Bromley believe that getting in early with children, welcoming them into the banking world and teaching them about finance is the way forward.

So they tackle the issue of finance with younger people from a number of different avenues.

Firstly, they invite children to take part in their Magic Money 5 for 5 club,  a fab club that introduces youngsters to the world of banking and with the support of their fun, interactive Magic Money Machines, encourages children to save money each month. Now there's a good start!

Metro Bank also helps school age children get to grips with the basic principles of money by sharing their Money Zone Programme around schools in the local community. They have trained financial education instructors who can visit the classroom and provide lessons that support the KS2 National Curriculum - children can even have a fun session in a Metro Bank store!

And they don't forget students either. Students who are taking their first foray into managing their own finances, income and spending can get support from Metro Bank on financial planning with top tips to help them on their way.

It's all about aiming to make banking fun and convenient for all their customers, little people included.

What a refreshing approach. Join the banking revolution with Metro Bank today.

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