Is it time to move? Langford Russell could be the support you need.
6th October 2015
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Making the decision to move home can be an emotional one. There can be many reasons you think moving is the next step - but have you considered everything?

If your move is purely motivated by the need for more space then have you considered undertaking an extension instead? Sometimes this can be a more effective (and possibly cheaper) solution.

Are you in negative equity? Or have prices in your ideal location risen substantially? If this is the case you may be better off renting out your home, as opposed to selling it. Negative equity will mean you will actually lose money on the sale and if prices have risen, you may find that you can't get somewhere much bigger than where you currently are.

Are you better off renting for a while? It gives you time to find the perfect place to move to - and means that you're in an excellent position when it comes to negotiating your new purchase as you're chain free... a huge benefit to any vendor when you're making an offer. It may just be the deciding factor in a vendor choosing you against the competition. 

It also reduces the pressure on you when you're looking for your new home - you're not limited to completion dates and can take your time to find your perfect property.

Whatever you decide, Langford Russell in Bromley are property experts that can guide you through each step. From selling to renting or letting, they are the professional team that can support you through the entire process. With offices in Bromley, Chislehurst, Beckenham, Locksbottom, West Wickham and Orpington they know the Borough inside out, which makes them perfectly placed to help you on the journey to your ideal home.

Contact Langford Russell about the plans for your home today.

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