How to stay gas safe if your home is at risk of flooding
2nd November 2015
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Unfortunately over the last few years it seems we've barely escaped a winter (or summer even!) without headlines about flooding. 

It's a real headache - the damage to property and disruption to life can be very significant. One of the very important elements to consider, especially due to the safety implications, is being sure that your home is gas safe. ProTherm Plumbing & Heating Engineers share their suggestions on what you can do to be sure.
If you know you're in a flood risk area then you should definitely take some precautions by getting a gas safe engineer like ProTherm to come & check what can be done to protect your gas appliances and pipework.
If you do get flooded then you should turn off your gas supply at the Emergency Control Valve (this is normally next to your gas meter). You should also disconnect any electrical appliances at the same time.

If you use LPG then you need to be even more cautious - flooding can cause LPG bulk storage vessels and LPG gas cylinders to move or become dislodged, and even detached from the installation pipework connected to the vessels or cylinders. You should contact your LPG supplier for advice before using your gas supply.

If your property is already flooded your gas supplier should be contacted once the water has subsided to ensure it's safe to use your gas supply again. Contact the ProTherm team to come round & check your appliances to be sure they're safe to use again.
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