How dental implants can revolutionise the lives of denture wearers.
14th March 2016
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All Smiles Dental Practice firmly believe that stabilising your dentures through the use of dental implants can make a significant difference to your health and wellbeing. Their highly skilled implant dentist has helped restore full functionality and confidence to the smiles of a number of denture-wearers by installing dental implants.

What's the issue with traditional dentures?

Dentures have been around for aeons as a great solution to replace missing teeth - did you know that there's evidence of very basic, crude forms of denture were used by the ancient Egyptians?56e6babec6a71171be000b54

The technology has obviously moved on leaps & bounds since then, with modern dentures being highly practical and effective, but even with all that, they they are not without their issues. But these problems can be eliminated by using dental implants to stabilise your dentures.

There are a number of reasons why dentures that once fitted well become loose, unwieldy and uncomfortable with the passing of time. These loose dentures can cause wearers to struggle to eat and speak - or even worse, they can slip out in public.

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