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22nd May 2017
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It's only been a week since all attention was on the ransomware attack on the NHS which crippled the network for days. 

The attack on the NHS IT system wasn't isolated to the NHS either - the same ransomware worm was discovered in 11 countries.

What was the problem? And how can you avoid falling foul of the cyber attackers for your business?

The issue with this particular attack was a problem for anyone running their systems on Windows XP or earlier software, as these platforms have not been supported for 3 years at least. The worm infiltrates your system and then demands are made for cash payments to unlock files that have effectively been taken over. You can only imagine how this can very quickly cripple a business too.

So how can you avoid something like this for your business?

First and foremost, it's having the right people like Zebra IT in Bromley to support your IT network. 

They have enhanced the standard IT support model to create a level of service where any issues can be dealt with before they become critical. This also means they have the ability to call you to make you aware of any major outages before you even need to pick up the phone. 

You can choose the level of cover you feel your business needs. most of which will include elements such as anti-virus updates, disk drive and critical events checks and automated performance of maintenance tasks.

When you get Zebra IT involved, you get the peace of mind that comes with having professionals who know what they're doing on board.

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