Get gorgeous flowers... time after time with contract services from Elliza Wade
2nd July 2015
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Making an excellent impression for your business, school, hotel, church, nursing home or pub is always important. It's about people getting a good feeling about your premises, showing you care. Cheering the hearts of staff and customers or visitors alike!

One way in which to achieve a lasting good impression is to bring in fresh flowers delivered to your premises on a regular basis. You don't need to remember to sort it out, they arrive when you need them, all as part of your contract. Gorgeous floral displays breathe life and vibrancy into corporate life, the perfect solution to your working environment - whatever your type of business.
At Elliza Wade Florists in Bromley, we have established a reputation for not only delivering consistently beautiful flowers, but also for providing excellent customer service. We work closely with each of our clients on an ongoing basis to understand what they are trying to achieve and to ensure their flower designs are perfect for the venue, atmosphere and their customers.
So make the most of a "wow" first impression and get your fresh flowers delivered on a regular contract basis. You won't be disappointed!
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