Do you suffer from sensitive teeth?
12th May 2015
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There are lots of things that can cause tooth sensitivity:

  • Do you brush your teeth too hard? Brushing with too much force, or with a hard-bristle toothbrush or brushing from side to side, can cause enamel to be worn away - particularly where the teeth meet the gums.
  • Do you grind your teeth? Grinding your teeth can cause the enamel to wear away and leave the dentin exposed.
  • Do you have gum disease? Inflamed gum tissue pulls away from the tooth, leaving vulnerable areas exposed.
  • Do you have a cracked tooth or filling? A cracked tooth is one that has become broken. A crack can run from the biting surface of a tooth down towards the root. Extreme temperatures, especially cold, may cause discomfort.

What Can Be Done?

There are several brands on the market that offer products to help prevent sensitivity such as tooth pastes or mouthwashes. When using a toothpaste, you should use these it twice a day to brush your teeth. It can also help if  you rub the paste onto the sensitive areas and just leave it there overnight. Your dentist will best advise you on which type of toothpaste would be right for you.  

Do I need to go and see a dentist?

If you've tried treating your sensitive teeth for a few weeks and have had no improvement then yes visit the dentist. All Smiles Dental Practice are a great local dentist in Bromley if you go and see them they will look at your teeth to find out what is causing the sensitivity and to find the best way of treating it. The dentist may treat the affected teeth with special ‘de-sensitising' products e.g. Fluoride gels, rinses or varnishes that can be applied to the teeth. Sensitivity can take some time to settle, and you may need to have several appointments.

If this doesn't help then the dentist may seal or fill around the neck of the tooth, where the tooth and gum meet, to cover exposed dentine. In very serious cases it may be necessary to root-fill the tooth.

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