Did you know colouring your hair when pregnant could change the colour?
30th August 2017
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It's generally agreed that colouring your hair when you're pregnant is indeed safe. In the past, it's been claimed that there could be potential damage to your unborn child - but the levels of chemicals required to have an impact would need to be very high. So if you want to dye your hair, especially after the first trimester, then you could seek advice from your midwife but generally you can just go for it.

But did you know that your rollercoaster hormones could have an impact on the colour itself?

The colour you get after you've dyed your hair could be very different to what you were expecting. It could end up being much darker or lighter, depending on what you're colouring to from your natural hair colour.

During pregnancy your hair can change in structure - it can become more resistant to the colour by growing stronger during the pregnancy which means the colour won't take as well. Or on the opposite scale it might absorb the colour more as it's become more porous, which would leave it looking darker than you'd anticipated.

The best way to avoid colour disasters with your hair is to come and see us at Metal Heads Hairdressers. We can professionally assess your hair, make our recommendations for you and then apply the colour you're after.

And you can put your feet up, relax and let it all happen around you... make the most of it before the baby arrives!  

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