Dental treatment during pregnancy - advice from All Smiles in Bromley.
10th May 2017
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Being pregnant is both exciting and exhausting at the same time but with so much going on, you could be forgiven for allowing your oral health to be one of the lower priorities in the ever increasing list.

But during pregnancy it's actually more important than ever to visit the dentist and be completely up to speed with your dental health.

The reason why is quite simply due to the hormonal changes can affect your oral health during pregnancy. The progesterone hormone can in fact be up to 10 times higher than normal during pregnancy, and this affects the body's response to toxins as a result of plaque build-up. Women become much more susceptible to developing periodontal disease when these hormonal fluctuations are taking place.

What will the problem look like?

What you'll notice is that the gums are red and inflamed, sometimes even bleeding when teeth are being brushed. This is 'pregnancy gingivitis' which is characterised by the swelling and inflamed gums and can start as early as the second month of pregnancy. 

Another relatively common occurrence during pregnancy is for women to experience a growth on their gums called pregnancy granuloma. These are red nodules that are normally found on the upper gums. If you've noticed you're suffering from these, please don't worry as they aren't dangerous but they can cause discomfort.

Further oral health issues that the team at All Smiles Dental in Bromley regularly see is tooth erosion, which can be caused by exposure to acid during a period of severe morning sickness. Some women also experience dry mouth - these symptoms can  be kept at bay by making sure you drink lots of water, which really you should be doing anyway, and also eating sugarless sweets which will stimulate the flow of saliva. 

If you are currently pregnant All Smiles Dental recommend that you visit their practice for a thorough checkup, which will help ensure you enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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