Clutch need repairing? Head to Bromley Car Repairs!
19th January 2017
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If you're struggling along with a clutch that's slipping, juddering, dragging or jumping, then it's not something you should ignore in the hope it goes away.

Book your car into Bromley Car Repairs. They we can provide a offer an excellent clutch repair service that will get you back on the road safely.

And it doesn't matter what model of car you have. Bromley Car Repairs can supply and fit clutches of all vehicle makes and models including 4 x 4 makes too.

Your car will be fitted with a guaranteed original clutch that is specifically manufactured for the make and model of your vehicle. Not only that but you'll get a 2 year or 20000 mile guarantee on all parts fitted.

With so many things that that can go wrong with your clutch, all of which display different symptoms when you’re driving, you really should ensure you service your car regularly. This will mean potential issues with your clutch are more likely to be identified before they become too costly.

Bromley Car Repairs advise that if you notice a change in the feel of your clutch then contact them. They'll provide you with the best advice and repair your clutch if they find a fault.

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