Choosing the perfect funeral flowers with help from Valentine & Turner
11th April 2016
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When it comes to choosing flowers for a funeral, sometimes the choice of what's available can be overwhelming. How do you know which one is right for the occasion.
Valentine & Turner Funeral Directors can give you some very welcome advice on the route you could take. Here are some of their top recommendations:

Funeral Wreaths 

These are possibly the most common & frequently used of funeral and sympathy tributes. In many cases wreaths are sent direct to a funeral as a mark of respect and their ornate circular design is very versatile.  


Sprays can usually be created in single ended or double ended designs. Double ended sprays are most often used to adorn the casket. They're also incredibly flexible and can be made in a range of different sizes and designs.

Hand tied sheaves

These are perfect to send to a funeral directly, or to the home of the bereaved as a sympathy gesture. 

Cushions and pillows

Many choose to use a cushion or pillow as a symbolic representation of comfort in ones last resting place. 

Children specific tributes

If it is a child that has passed away, you may want to choose a child specific tribute such as a teddy bear or butterfly.

Named tributes

These are very popular - in fact it was exactly what the family at Valentine & Turner chose for their own Nan's funeral. Affectionately known to the family as MumMum as she was Gary Valentine's Mum's Mum, the family felt it was the perfect floral tribute for them to pay their respects to their beloved Nan. (They also now run the Cancer Charity The MumMum Foundation in loving memory of her.) 

You can choose whatever works for your personal circumstances - anything from Mum, Dad, Grandad - whatever works best. 
Whatever your needs, Valentine & Turner are happy to talk through the various options and make any recommendations, should you need them.
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