What You Need to Know Before Starting the Mortgage Process
12th April 2017
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Steve Mears is our Local Independent Mortgage Adviser who has built a reputation based on excellence in all they strive to do for their clients, and this is clear in their commitment to every client.

So, what should you do before contacting Steve Mears?

Create a plan, map out exactly what you can afford to pay out each month. Plan a budget that will comfortably allow you to make the payments and maintain your quality of life. Try to avoid over-spending your budget by committing to a property that is above your spending limit.

Proof of earnings, mortgage providers will want to see proof of income. If it is a joint income have you worked out how you will manage if one contributor stops earning due to illness, starting a family, or some other unforeseen eventuality.

How secure is your income, employments come and go, plan for the worst whilst hoping for the best? Be brave, think the unthinkable and plan what to do should it happen.

Self-employed people will need to provide audited accounts to prove their earnings.

How much deposit can you afford? The larger the deposit the smaller the balance, it is worth calculating the relative difference with the assistance of Steve Mears who will run alternative scenarios for you so that you can work out the best fit for you.

Consider all other debts/commitments, it is easy to over commit to new expense whilst forgetting other debts. Be honest when completing the application as ‘hidden’ or unmentioned debts, and a bad credit-rating, could wreck your application completely.

Seek early Professional Independent Mortgage Advice from Steve Mears, of Clifton, north Bristol. They are a national company with a local touch, and are proud of their reputation for their commitment to excellence in all they do for their clients. They’ve been sourcing and supplying mortgages and insurances for clients for a combined total of over 20 years, a fine track record that speaks for itself.

Steve Mears Independent Mortgage Advisers are highly recommended by The Best of UK, bringing trusted local businesses and the community together. 

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