Can you give me back my time?
3rd April 2013
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Rubbish!  Who has 7 spare hours to spend in the gym each week?  Not many of us.  I quickly gave this man my top three tips to help busy people get results.  It works for my clients and so far it’s worked for him, I hope they’ll work for you too!


1. Create a Deadline

Life gets in the way of our goals, whatever they might be, temptations and unexpected occurrences can derail even the most dedicated health nut.  21 days or 28 days will get you better results than 6 months. 

Of course if you stick to the same routine for 6 months it won’t but who can do that? Nobody, those who attend the gym 4 times a week and eat really well most of the time aren’t creating a new habit they are continuing a lifelong habit… that’s really easy!

Set yourself an achievable target where you can see the end in sight and you will reap the rewards and be more likely to manage another 21 days afterwards.  You will cheat less, work harder and immerse yourself fully.


2. Habits

Success rarely comes from one person being better, working harder or having more will power, in fact it almost never does.  People who succeed over those who don’t have just one thing in their favour; the things that they do habitually, without even thinking, take them towards their goals.

You wake up roughly the same time every day, brush your teeth, put the kettle on, eat your breakfast, have a shower, get dressed - all of this on autopilot, sometimes you’ve got to your desk before an original thought enters your head.

Find your habits and you can attach things easily and your brain will strive to make it part of your habit as quickly as possible.  My clients do 2 things every work day morning.

  1. Tabata - 20 seconds exercise, 10 seconds rest x 8 (squats, lunges, press ups) then #tabataclub on twitter.
  2. Eat a high protein and green veg breakfast.

These two habits are a hugely positive start to the day that keep them energised and burning fat for hours afterwards.

3. Planning

This is the single most important detail; print out a spreadsheet with breakfast, lunch, dinner (even eating out) workouts, bed times, water for one week.  Now shop based on this list.  Not only have you told yourself your whole plan for the week you have a tick sheet to follow.

Every time you are successful tick your spreadsheet: breakfast, tick; tabata, tick; water, tick… humans get addicted to ticking like you wouldn’t believe, the more ticks we get in a row the harder it becomes to draw a cross.

If you’re looking to make a change in your health, fitness or physique today don’t look for the maximum you can fit in.  Look for the minimum amount you can do to illicit change.  Find an effective way to measure your progress then create a deadline, decide on some healthy habits and then plan every detail.

Good luck!

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