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Buying a property to live in is the most significant purchase that most people will ever do in their lives, not least because home buying is such a personal thing to do. However, the financial and practical issues surrounding home buying, and getting a mortgage for the purpose, do require Professional Independent Mortgage Advice to avoid getting it wrong or worse still losing the home of one’s dreams.
Purchasing your own home is one of the biggest financial commitments a person makes in their life. Also, different furnishings, furniture and other accessories that need to be installed in your own home add up to the total cost that you’ll be needing to have a decent place to live. Most people get insurance to protect the things that have high value and that includes our own home. Getting home insurance can save us from a lot of head ache once an emergency occurs and it can be a form of protection in a long run.
Remortgaging is a process where you can re-evaluate your current mortgage to get a better rate or to finance an improvement or renovation in your home. Your remortgage can come from your current lender but you can also apply for a remortgage from a different bank or lender.
Should we ban open plan offices?
Should we ban open plan offices?
Should we ban open plan offices? Or should we rather decide what is best for any given situation?
Buying your first home is a big financial commitment. It needs thorough planning and discipline when it comes to your expenses and savings. In some cases, paying off a home mortgage takes a good 30 earning years of person’s life. We should keep in mind that purchasing our first home should not be taken lightly.
Looking for your first home? Here's a few tips how to save for your first mortgage...
Training providers in Gloucestershire are joining together at this year’s Gloucestershire Business Show to prove that individuals and businesses can get the best training without leaving the county.
Using this handy guide you should be able to quickly identify some simple systems with which you can dramatically reduce not only the length but the quality of your life.
A man came into my gym last month to ask my opinion on the programme he’d been given by a personal trainer. He was told 3-4 weight training sessions a week plus 2-3 hours of cardio was the only way to achieve his goals.
Not your job, place of work or even when and how you work.
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