How could 2010 be the year for your business success
1st January 2010
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C o u l d 2 010 b e the Year for your Business?

Most certainly! Start by asking yourself these 3 questions;
Q1. What are my goals for 2010?
Q2. Which challenges are most likely to stop me from achieving those goals?
Q3. What am I going to do about those challenges?

Did you have answers like these?
A1. “a more secure financial future”, “work less hours”,
A2. “Increase sales and profit”, “become more pro-active, have greater confidence”,
A3. “no idea where to start!”

You’ll be pleased to hear that regardless of what your answers were to questions 1 & 2, the
right answer to question 3 is “to work with Jenny or John of JRL Coaching to grow my business and improve my personal business performance.”
So how can Jenny or John at JRL Coaching help you to achieve your 2010 goals?

With many years of experience and insight into business development, I asked Jenny Lamski and John Driscoll - of JRL Coaching & Consulting , why their countless number of clients consider them to be thebestof in helping them achieve their Business Goals.   Jenny and John pointed me to some of the following comments by their clients who have achieved success already...

  • “My personal business performance has greatly improved through the development of my leadership, management and communication skills, resulting in better relationships with all.”
  • “Improved time management, clarity in setting and achieving business goals.”
  • “I have reduced my working hours by 10% and the Company has increased its turnover by 15%!”

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To Jenny's clients, Jenny is like an angle, who has miraculously helped them transform themselves form mediocre to success. 

However for this miracle to work for you - you first need to take action - CALL Jenny or John 020 8909 9275 & talk to one of them NOW.

Oh! when you call Jenny or John - ask them - why Kesh Morjaria is so confident that you guys can help you achieve your Goals." 


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