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It is well established that music lessons provide more to a child than simply being able to play a musical instrument.
Have you ever wanted to learn an instrument or would you like your child to benefit from learning? Well, here’s your handy guide to all that you need to know.
There is saying you use a diamond to cut another diamond. So I asked an IFA how to choose a good IFA who can make a serious difference to our wealth.
How to get from Now to WOW!!
How to get from Now to WOW!!
Sunil's presentation will be both entertaining and provide the listener with a practical and realistic blueprint to help them take their own performance to the very highest level.
Talking to our member Paul Sharma at Hyundai London he told me about the following deals.......
The importance of logo design, branding and corporate identity in today's competitive marketplace.
Shape up for Business 2011!!
Shape up for Business 2011!!
Too much sitting at the desk or behind the wheel & snacking, can mean the scales creep up. Anna shows how to get fitter to do effective business using all the skills you use at work to manage your health, weight and wellbeing.
Savvy car and van owners can beat the VAT increase by getting their car serviced by a reputable independent and not a main dealer. Tips on how to choose a good independent for your Audi, Volkswagen, Seat or Skoda.
Sshh...main dealers don't want you to know that there is an alternative to car servicing. Russell Automotive Centre have won the Best Independent Audi Service Provider award yet again!
I am an ordinary Londoner and wanted to feel what it was like to be “a Londoner who walked like a tourist in London”. I approached Golden Tours and asked if they could help me out.
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