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How to get from Now to WOW!!
How to get from Now to WOW!!
Sunil's presentation will be both entertaining and provide the listener with a practical and realistic blueprint to help them take their own performance to the very highest level.
Shape up for Business 2011!!
Shape up for Business 2011!!
Too much sitting at the desk or behind the wheel & snacking, can mean the scales creep up. Anna shows how to get fitter to do effective business using all the skills you use at work to manage your health, weight and wellbeing.
Local Professional Photographer Dan Davies with the second part of his set of tips to help you create fantastic fireworks images this november.
A report by the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs has revealed that food prices have risen at twice the rate in the UK compared with Europe over the last three years.
What a fantastic Speed Networking event we had on Oct 6th at Hendon Hall North London. Held jointly with the North London Chamber of Commerce it was a great success with many new faces and buzzing with enthusiasm!
This blog covers 4 Twitter Tools to make Twitter more effective.
This blog features three Twitter Tools, Tweetube, Twitpress and Twubble
Visit our Facebook Page. Gela Frozen Food Ltd supply the famous "Olive Ascolana", We provide breaded stuffed olives in fish, cheese chicken. The "Arancini" , "Suppli" and "Cremini" are a selection of our extensive range of products.
Gela provide you with delicious and traditional Italian culinary delights which are progressively becoming more difficult to find. We supplying Olive Ascolana , Bocconcini di Mozzarella, Pranzotti, Arancini, Suppli and more.
If you haven't yet had the pleasure of biting into a gigantic stuffed breaded olive, then take it from us, they are addictive.
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