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A few shots from a trip into London last weekend where I continued my photographic education.
Police, fire and ambulance services around the country should be bracing themselves for a busy night tomorrow as people celebrate Guy Fawkes.
One may be too hasty to blame National Chains, Supermarkets, out of town Shopping centres however I have seen some (not many) while interviewing businesses in the high streets of NW London ....
Every year, Hindus all over the world, celebrate the return of Bhagawan Ram (light & wisdom) after defeating the Demon King Ravana (darkness & ignorance)
A review of a recent pre-wedding shoot in Hyde Park, London.
Habit number two on how you can raise your business potential in any climate. These are the Secret Keys to highly successful people. It's a MUST READ for you to master success and fulfill your potential.
Yusuf Contemporary Art gallery opened on the 8th October friday evening with a BANG.
A report by the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs has revealed that food prices have risen at twice the rate in the UK compared with Europe over the last three years.
The Government's latest Overseas Travel and Tourism figures, show that the amount spent by overseas visitors to the UK rose by 15.9%.
Having looked at the whole concept of UWDC it is amazing how much you can cut on your household bills
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