Local Wedding Photographer: Photographic Education in Central London
30th November 2010
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Saturday afternoon, and despite the bitter cold and grey skies I found myself amongst four exceptionally talented photographers for the first ever. "DAnalogue" photowalk.

The aim of the walk was to get us all to slow down and think more about composition and exposure by taking us back to the 'analogue' days of 36 exposures, a fixed ISO speed and no LCD display giving us instant feedback.

A roll of tape was used to blackout our displays and I have to say it felt immediately uncomfortable not to have the 'crutch' of seeing your results straight away. In fact I wasn't alone in instintively going to check the display after taking my first few shots.

Like most of my friends, I decided on 400ISO, but with the light levels low and dropping throughout the walk and with the 5D's great handling of noise, I probably should have gone to 640 or 800. Hindsights a great thing isn't it?

This meant that much of my time was spent looking for props to wedge the camera or my body against, so that I could get away with the lower shutter speeds necessary.

Here's a few of my favourite shots from the day: St. Mary Overie's Dock Moving towards the light Winter bloom Weathered Wood Time for a coffee?  Please! Grandeur Winter Lighting Leaf Lines & Curves Tower Bridge Traffic Some of the other guys on the walk have also published their results. Check out Callum Winton's and Quoc Huy's. Let me know if you're interested in joining me the next time I do something similar (although I reserve the right to wait until the weather improves!).


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