8 Successful Habits to Raise Your Potential in any Climate - Habit #2
11th October 2010
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Habit #2. Value Money & Resources.

Welcome to a series of golden habits that all business people like you need that will raise your potential in any climate.

Most of the well-known entrepreneurs and successful people have done a series of things and think in a similar way that has propelled them to success.

This habit talks about how to leverage your resources and value what you have.

Reduce any unnecessary cost items that you do not need. For example, do you really need that old machine in the corner that has been sitting there for months, if not years. You have been meaning to do something with it, but still haven't got round to it. Chances are that you never will. Get rid of unwanted items now! This philosophy extends to your personal life as well. Ask yourselves if you really need to spend money on the things that may not really add value back to you and also think about what return you will get from such expenditure. A cost is something that goes in to the profit and loss statement as you intend to write it off and not see any real return from it. An investment, on the other hand, accumulates a real return on investment (ROI). Ask yourself how much ROI will I get from spending this money and if I saved it or spent it on other things, what could I have instead that would be of better use/value. I.e. what's the Opportunity Cost?

Shop around for the best bargains and don’t feel embarrassed to ask for a better price. Consumers in the UK pay far more on average for goods and services in comparison to other parts of Europe & the World because suppliers and manufacturers know that they can get away with charging more for it to UK consumers. Now we are seeing car manufacturers drop their prices of brand new cars to up to 50% of the original purchase price. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Value your resources - i.e. what you have. We need to take stock of what we have and ask ourselves how can we leverage all of this to the max? What we have is usually what we attract. Hence, notice what is around you because what you have around you is what you have attracted. Is it time to start attracting the things that you really want and what you really need?

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