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Here's a farm you can visit in Bolton

Get to know our best of Bolton member Smithills Open Farm in their first blog.

How can Bolton STEPS support service users?

On Tuesday 18th June I attended the Bolton Steps consultation afternoon and discover more about the success the charity has had in the past and look at what and how they hope to achieve their goals in the future.

When is Insurance Awareness Day 2014?

It's Insurance Awareness Day on June 28th, which aims to remind people to have insurance in case the worst happens.

Who can help with insurance claims after my property is damaged?

We’re due to get some bad weather over the next few weeks, so if after the event you find that your commercial or domestic property suffers damage and you need to make an insurance claim, contact our new best of Bolton member Aspray.

Want to lose weight and feel amazing? Helio Fitness, Bolton, can help

Exercise is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The personal trainers at Helio Fitness can help you reach your fitness goal.

Have the perfect prom in Bolton in 2014

It's prom season once again, and our best of bolton members can help you have the perfect evening.

Is there a picture framer in Bolton?

Don’t ever say that Facebook doesn’t generate business leads, as Leslie Cliff from Framearound has a wonderful project thanks to his posts on the site.

The best of Bolton celebrates the success of local businesses at the 2014 local and loved awards.

Wow, what a magnificent night we had at our local and loved awards on Thursday 20th March. We held our fantastic local and loved awards at Bolton St Catherine’s Academy and it truly was a brilliant evening.

Bolton Tuition Centre can help children improve their maths and English skills.

It's World Book Day today, and World Maths Day on March 12th, but who do you turn to if your child's reading and maths skills aren't up to scratch? Bolton Tuition Centre of course.

Catch the zzz's during National Bed Month

Did you know that the month of March is National Bed Month in the UK?