Worldwide coverage for Strobe Digital’s web campaign for Greenpeace
1st June 2012
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Congratulations to Strobe Digital our local web designers and latest new bestof members, who have been working on a top secret project for Greenpeace that launched last week!

KFC’s trademark buckets of chicken and other paper products are the product of deforestation in Indonesia's rain forests, Greenpeace International claims in a newly published report.

Independent testing on the fast-food restaurants’ pulp-based products in three regions of the world found fibres of tropical hardwood trees, specific to Indonesia’s forests, they claim.

Home to many endangered species including the last of originally three species of Indonesian tigers, according to Global Forest Watch the region loses approximately 5 million acres of forest to logging a year.

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To find out more about the campaign and to see Strobe’s work just click on the link here

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