World Down Syndrome Day 2021
20th March 2021
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Each year the voice of people with Down Syndrome, and those that live and work with them grows louder and louder!

Down Syndrome is present in 1 in every 800 births. Those born with Down Syndrome usually have varying degrees of intellectual and physical disability and associated medical issues, but remain important members of our community

World Down Syndrome Day has been observed since 2006 and provides a unique annual opportunity for the global Down Syndrome community to connect.

This awareness day is held every year on the 21st of the 3rd month. This date has been selected to illustrate the uniqueness of the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome which causes down syndrome.

There are many opportunities for you to get involved and help spread awareness of World Down Syndrome Day including:

#LotsOfSocks Campaign. This is an initiative to get people talking about Down Syndrome by wearing your craziest socks or mismatched socks – it’s a great way to start people talking and striking up a conversation about Down Syndrome. Why not post a photo of your odd socks on your social platforms and include the hashtag #LotsOfSocks

Getting Informed. Learn more from people with Down Syndrome by watching some of the fantastic videos on the World Down Syndrome Day website or read some of the wonderful stories – you can then share your new found knowledge and understanding with your friends, family and work colleagues.

Take part in events. There is an events page on the website with a list of events to take part in. This year events will have to be done a little differently due to covid restrictions, but check out the wonderful online events being held.

Fundraise – You can raise money to help improve the lives of people with Down Syndrome all over the world by setting yourself a new challenge or by doing something you love!

Share your story. The best way to promote awareness of Down Syndrome is for people with Down Syndrome to share their stories and experiences in their own words.

So please visit check out the links to the many ways you can take part and please help spread awareness of World Down Syndrome Day

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