Win up to £3,400 in CancerCare’s 2020 Winter Draw!
7th December 2020
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You could win big, and help to ensure that no-one has to face cancer alone this Christmas by taking part in CancerCare’s Winter Draw.

2020 has been a really tough year for everyone including our fantastic local charities. Every year, charities rely heavily on fundraising events to continue to fund the sterling work they provide to those who need them.

This year, all of CancerCare’s planned Christmas fundraising events (and virtually all of 2020’s other events too) have had to be cancelled, making it so much harder to raise the funds needed to give that vital support to families in our community facing the distressing impact of cancer or bereavement.

A wonderful way for you to support CancerCare is to take part in their Winter Draw.

Every single ticket you buy will help to provide a lifeline for families coping with both Covid and Cancer this Christmas.

Once you’re in the draw you could win one of the following:

1st Prize - £500 plus a luxury gift box

2nd Prize - £50 plus a £50 M&S gift card

5 x 3rd Prizes of £10 plus £10 M&S gift card

You will also have the chance to win CancerCare’s Rollover Jackpot which has a minimum prize of £100,but could be up to £3,400 on the 18th December if a winner has not been previously drawn.

Taking part in this Winter Draw can make a massive difference not just to your life – but those who desperately need assistance over the Festive period.

Purchasing 12 tickets could potentially fund CancerCare’s Helpline throughout December and answer calls for help that they receive on a weekly basis.

To take part in CancerCare’s Winter Draw please click here and help to make a massive difference to those in our community who need help over Christmas.

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