Why you need a Solicitor if you are arrested.
8th May 2012
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Thanks to Brown and Murray Solicitors one of our latest new members on thebestof for this informative blog:-

Brown and Murray are members of the DUTY SOLICITOR scheme covering the Barrow and Furness area.

A Duty Solicitor is a solicitor whose services are available to a person either suspected of, or charged with, a criminal offence free of charge, if the person does not have access to a solicitor of their own. Before saying anything to the Police it is the right of all citizens to ask for representation and advice from the Duty Solicitor on call.

In England and Wales, there are two duty solicitor schemes which operate in parallel.

- The Police Station Duty Solicitor scheme enables a person who is arrested on suspicion of a criminal offence to consult with a solicitor, either in person or on the telephone, or both, whilst in police custody. This right is most often taken up when the suspect is to be interviewed concerning their suspected involvement in the commission of a crime.

- The Court Duty Solicitor scheme allows a person that has already been charged with an offence to consult with and be represented by a solicitor at the Magistrates' Court on their first appearance if they do not have, or simply have not contacted, their own solicitor.

For more information contact Cath McAteer at Brown and Murray she offers 24 hour cover through the scheme and can be contacted on 01229 820021.

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