Where Can I Find a Defibrillator in Walney?
17th June 2021
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We all watched in horror when footballer Christian Erikson collapsed on the pitch during his sides clash with Finland over the weekend. 

Erikson suffered a cardiac arrest and had to be revived on the pitch. He was saved due to the speedy actions of his teammate and the medical staff on hand who swiftly administered CPR and used a defibrillator. 

This horrific event has highlighted the need for people to be both trained in CPR and how to use a defibrillator.

If your loved one suffered a similar life threatening event - would you know how help them? 

Do you know where the nearest defibrillator is?

Well, we've put a list together of defibrillators on Walney so you can find where they are located:


South End Caravan Park

Walney LA14 3YG

In reception



35-41 Ocean Drive

Walney LA14 3DD

On the front wall, next to the ATM


Football pitches on Ocean Road

Walney LA14 3HN

On the wall of the changing rooms.


Castle House Hotel

Biggar Bank Road, Walney LA14 3YF

On the front wall next to the door.


Queen's Arms

Biggar Village, Walney LA14 3YG

On the wall near the front door.


Burnett Edgar Medical Centre

Central Drive, Walney LA14 3HY

On the wall near the entrance.


Bargain Booze

1A Amphitrite Street, Walney LA14 3AR

On the wall outside near the front door.


Furness Golf Club

Central Drive, Walney LA14 3LN

On the wall near the front door.


Spar Stores

110 Mill Lane, Walney LA14 3NT

On the wall next to the main door.


Community Hall

Amphitrite Street, Walney LA14 3AR

On the wall next to the community centre.


West Shore Park

West Shore Road, Walney LA14 3XZ

On the wall next to the main office.


Crown Hotel

North Scale, Walney LA14 3RP

On the wall in the car park.


Douglas Street Store

Douglas Street, Walney LA14 3QQ

On the wall next to the main door.


King Alfred Hotel

Ocean Road, Walney LA14 3DX

Located to the left of the main entrance next to the far window.


Walney Fire Station

Mill Lane, Walney LA14 3XX

Located on the outside wall adjacent the appliance bay doors on the front aspect of the building.

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