What can you do to improve your dental health?
14th March 2012
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Everyone’s mouth is different, and you might need to do more than the general guidelines of brushing after meals and flossing daily.

Dentists can give you all the information you ever need. They can advise you on whether you need to brush more often or switch to a different toothbrush, or if you need a refresher in flossing or indeed brushing. They can tell you whether you need to increase or decrease your visits. Don’t ever feel silly about asking your dentist about new products you’ve seen advertised, and whether they could help you, or perhaps the dentist may feel they are a waste of money. They may even have samples you can try.

There are two highly recommended local dentists on Thebestofbarrowandfurness – Ardent Dental based on Oxford Road in Barrow and Susan Spence & Associates based on Cavendish Street in Ulverston. So if you have any questions about your dental health please feel free to give them a call.

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