Ulverston Outsiders announce their next production.
25th July 2019
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The Outsiders have settled on Alan Ayckbourn's Woman in Mind as their next play which will run from Tuesday November 19th until Friday 22nd at The Coronation Hall.

Although “Woman in Mind” is one of Ayckbourn’s darker comedies, it is a very funny and thought provoking play.

First performed in Scarborough at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in 1985, it transferred to the Vaudeville Theatre in London in 1986, starring Julia McKenzie as Susan, with Martin Jarvis as Gerald.

Starved of affection and love by her rather boring husband, Gerald, and her son Rick, who is ashamed of her, Susan conjures up an imaginary family; a loving husband Andy, an adoring daughter Lucy, and a brother Tony. She is happy and relaxed when she is with this imagined family.

The play is set in the small suburban garden of Gerald and Susan, but when she is with Andy,Lucy, and Tony, this rather dull space expands to become bright and lavish.

Other characters who, as well as their own standing in the play, serve to show different aspects of Susan’s character, are Bill, the doctor who has had a long standing crush on Susan but is unable to express his feelings, and Muriel, Gerald’s long suffering sister.

The action is all seen though Susan’s eyes - we see what is in her mind. But gradually Susan loses control over her dream, which breaks down into a nightmare when her real and imaginary families clash.

Jean Hunt is to direct - who can forget her wonderful direction of All My Sons?

Auditions will take place on both Thursday August 1st and Sunday August 4th (venues to be announced)

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