Top ten tips for your nails
8th May 2012
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A big thankyou to Lorraine at Bella Nails for these top tips for healthy nails.

1. Cleaning. Every good manicure begins with clean nails. You can’t beat a nylon nailbrush for doing it. Scrub underneath the nails with soapy water before removing any old nail polish. At any time you would like to have truly white nails a smart tip is to soak them in lemon juice, then dry and buff.

2. Which file? Once your nails are clean shape them by using a board file. Go for a gentle diamond or crystal file, or choose emery boards of no more than 180 grit. Higher grit files really should be used for buffing the nail plate, as opposed to shaping. File in one direction just to avoid breakages, and do not soak your nails beforehand or they will be too soft to shape.

3. Which shape? Avoid pointed witch-like nails. I have found “squoval” much better – square with rounded corners. It’s simple to maintain, if you do you allow the nails longer, it can certainly really elongate short, stocky hands. As a rough guide, glance at the shape of the cuticle towards the bottom of your nail, and mirror this in your own filing.

4. Soaking. After shaping your nails, soak them in tepid to warm water. To have a spa-style treatment, make use of an exfoliating scrub, as well as a moisturising mask across the back of your hands. It is easy to tell a woman’s age by her hands – they communicate so much so it is really worth it to look after them.

5. Push back. Next, turn your attention to the cuticles along the base of your nails. Whatever you do, don’t bite or cut these back. Instead, smooth with a cuticle remover, before gently pushing them back with an orange stick. Taking good care of the cuticle creates a real impact on the health of one’s nails, so moisturise them daily utilizing a specialist treatment oil. I would recommend Cuticle Oil – it’s comes equipped with a brush it truly is surprisingly easy to apply.

6. Base coat. The nail bed is porous and easily discoloured due to the pigments in coloured nail polishes. Shift stubborn yellow stains with the addition of a denture-cleaning tablet to the warm water you utilize when you soak your nails. It truly does work brilliantly. Protect them with a clear base coat each time you paint your nails.

7. What colour? Think about nail colour as another accessory. It changes both your look as well as your outlook. You may be wearing jeans together with a T-shirt, but painted nails will instantly help you to look more polished. Do not be afraid to try out bright colours coupled with sheer shades. red is definitely a sure bet for looking chic and stylish.

8. Top Coat. Always, always finish using a top coat of clear polish, that you can titivate every two days to maintain your nails looking fresh. To save you time and reduce the risk of smudging opt for a quick drying one.

9. Firm favourites. People could possibly get pretty fond of their favourite colours. Always try to have at least a few favourites as colours change as quickly as fashion nowadays and unfortunately your “favourite” may disappear from the shelves. Keep up to date with changing colours.

10. Protection. Look after your nails. Remember they really are jewels not tools. Always wear protective gloves when doing household chores or gardening jobs.

Follow these top ten tips and you will be astonished by how good your nails and hands will appear. But most of all make sure to apply Cuticle Oil every single day without fail. You wouldn’t let a full day pass without applying your facial moisturiser. It’s simply the exact same with your nails


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