The Joy of Volunteering
18th July 2018
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Well UCE (Ulverston Community Enterprises) would love to hear from you.

Back in 2016 Ulverston Community Enterprises took over the management of both Ulverston’s indoor and outdoor markets as well as the Coronation Hall. These facilities are the heartbeat of Ulverston and make both the town and the local economy tick.

Amongst their many aims and ambitions for the town, UCE are looking to…

  • Increase footfall in the town
  • Develop the Coronation Hall to become a thriving community and cultural hub
  • Re-vitalise the indoor and outdoor markets

A lot of time and effort has already gone into achieving and maintaining these targets – but many hands make light work, so they’re looking for local people to help out to do their bit in helping to make the town a vibrant, creative hub - not just for locals, but the wider community too.

UCE are searching for local people willing to share their time, energy and local knowledge with the wider community. So don’t hide your talents – share them!

As Ulverston Community Enterprises develops, they’re searching for volunteers to assist them in a variety of roles, from working in the box office, helping with caretaking duties, to helping out behind the bar during events and performances and in the VIP lounge in the indoor market. Training will be given to help you grow and develop in whichever role you choose to get involved in, what matters the most is that you’re a ‘people ‘ person and  have a great, positive attitude.

Volunteering has many, many benefits – finding a volunteer role that’s a perfect fit can help you make new friends and a brilliant way to integrate you into the community. Volunteering can also help you advance your career; as amongst other things it improves your problem solving, communication skills, and adaptability – it also looks fantastic on a CV!

UCE are looking for people who:

  • Have an interest in Ulverston and the surrounding areas.
  • Can spare time each week (maybe just a couple of hours) to help out.
  • Are over 18 years of age, friendly, engaging and a great communicator with members of the public (face-to-face and over the phone )
  • And are willing to develop and grow as UCE does and help make Ulverston a town of variety and creativity.

Sound good? Great! The UCE team would love to hear from you!

If you’d like to know more please get in touch with the team at


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